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The TransForm Occlusion Balloon Catheter is a 0.014in guidewire compatible, single lumen occlusion balloon designed to provide enhanced performance.

Features and benefits

Image of Fast inflate and deflate

Fast inflate and deflate

Synchro® Guidewire technology along the length of the balloon provides faster* deflation, allowing for higher contrast levels, increased visibility, and reduced procedure times.

Image of Outstanding trackability

Outstanding trackability

The delivery wire has four different material transition zones for excellent balance between proximal pushability and distal flexibility.

Image of Excellent stability

Excellent stability

TransForm Occlusion Balloon Catheter is 0.14in guidewire compatible. Designed to provide controlled balloon inflation, quick wall apposition, and outstanding stability.*

  • Bench test results. n=1. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. Testing performed by Stryker. Data are on file at Stryker and will be made available upon request.

Product specifications


TransForm Compliant

Catalog number Balloon nominal diameter Balloon nominal length
M003SRC03100 3mm 10mm
M003SRC03150 3mm 15mm
M003SRC04100 4mm 10mm
M003SRC04150 4mm 15mm
M003SRC04200 4mm 20mm
M003SRC04300 4mm 30mm
M003SRC05100 5mm 10mm
M003SRC05150 5mm 15mm
M003SRC05200 5mm 20mm
M003SRC05300 5mm 30mm


TransForm Super Compliant 

Catalog number Balloon nominal diameter Balloon nominal length 
M003SSC03050 3mm 5mm
M003SSC04070 4mm 7mm
M003SSC04100 4mm 10mm
M003SSC07070 7mm 7mm
M003SSC07100 7mm 10mm
M003SSC07150 7mm 15mm
Balloon catheter type Effective length (cm) Max catheter shaft OD F (mm) Min guide catheter ID in (mm) Recommended guidewire in OD in (mm)
Compliant 150 2.8 (0.95) 0.053 (1.35) Stryker Neurovascular 0.014 (0.36)
Super Compliant 150 2.8 (0.95) 0.053 (1.35) Stryker Neurovascular 0.014 (0.36)

Additional resources

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Brochure – (PDF)

TransForm Occlusion Balloon Catheter Brochure

Inflation compliance chart – (PDF)

TransForm Occlusion Balloon Catheter Inflation compliance chart

Ordering barcodes – (PDF)

TransForm Occlusion Balloon Catheter ordering barcodes

Patient stories

Learn more about a brain aneurysm survivor's story

DFU excerpt

See package insert for complete indications, complications, warnings, and instructions for use. (Uploaded on November 29, 2016.)

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