The workhorse

Providing smooth tracking, stable delivery and a versatile platform, the Excelsior XT-17 Microcatheter is designed to be your go-to microcatheter when delivering a wide spectrum of therapies.

Features and benefits

Image of Smooth tracking

Smooth tracking

For ease of use and fast procedure times. Cross-Helix braid technology and excellent durometer produces consistently smooth and balanced tracking through tortuous anatomy.

Stable delivery

For reliable, predictable therapy delivery. Cross-Helix XT-braid, excellent durometer, and larger ID make XT-17 Microcather a stable delivery platform for therapeutic agents such as coils.

Versatile platform

The XT-17 Microcather is compatible with all Stryker non-fibered coils, DMSO*, and therapeutic agents such as PVA particles.

  • Compatibility with individual agents suspended in DMSO has not been established

Product specifications

Material Number Description Total/Distal Length Proximal/Distal OD Proximal/Distal ID
M003C1775STO XT-17 Standard Straight, 2-Tip Marker 150cm/7.5cm 2.4F/1.7F 
M003C1775450 XT-17 Standard Pre-Shaped 45, 2 Tip Marker 150cm/7.5cm
M003C1775900 XT-17 Standard Pre-Shaped 90, 2-Tip Marker 150cm/7.5cm
M003C17750J0 XT-17 Standard Pre-Shaped J, 2-Tip Marker 150cm/7.5cm
M003C1715ST0 XT-17 Standard Flex Straight, 2-Tip Marker 150cm/15.0cm
M003C1715450 XT-17 Standard Flex Pre-Shaped 45, 2-Tip Marker 150cm/15.0cm
M003C1715900 XT-17 Flex Pre-Shaped 90, 2-Tip Marker 150cm/15.0cm
M003C17150J0 XT-17 Flex Pre-Shaped J, 2-Tip Marker 150cm/15.0cm
Effective Length (cm) Max Catheter Shaft OD F (mm) Min Catheter Shaft OD F (mm) Proximal/Distal ID in (mm) Recommended Max Guidewire Diameter in (mm)
150 2.4 (0.80) 1.7 (0.60) 0.017 (0.43) Stryker Neurovascular 0.014 (0.36)
Excelsior® XT-17™ Microcatheter is compatible with the following Stryker Neurovascular products:
Parallel Technique (0.070in 6F)
TransForm® Occlusion Balloon Catheter
Excelsior® XT-27® Microcatheter

Additional resources

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Product Highlights – (PDF)

XT-17 Microcather Product Highlights

VAC Card – (PDF)

XT-17 Microcather VAC Card

DFU Excerpt

See package insert for complete indications, complications, warnings, and instructions for use. (Uploaded on November 29, 2016.)

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