Proven performance

The Excelsior 1018 Microcatheter incorporates thin-wall technology and a supportive distal shaft designed to provide high performance.

Features and benefits

Image of Supportive distal shaft

Supportive distal shaft

The supportive distal shaft features stainless-steel helical-coil reinforcement to maintain lumen integrity. Its low-durometer tip is designed to be soft and atraumatic

Thin-wall large lumen

Designed to provide a stable platform for coil deployment. The thin-wall, large ID of the Excelsior 1018 Microcatheter facilities delivery of large coils and other specific devices

Image of Variety of tip shapes

Variety of tip shapes

Offered in six well-thought and clinically relevant shapes, which provides improved accessibility and navigability in challenging anatomy

Product specifications

Material Number Description  Total / Distal Length Proximal / Distal OD Proximal / Distal ID
M0031441890 Straight, 2-tip marker 150cm/6.0cm 2.6F / 2.0F
0.90mm / 0.70mm
0.019in / 0.019in
0.48mm / 0.48mm
M0031441900 Pre-Shaped 45, 2-tip marker
M0031441910 Pre-Shaped 90, 2-tip marker 
M0031441920 Pre-Shaped J, 2-tip marker 
M0031441930 Pre-Shaped C, 2-tip marker
M0031441940 Pre-Shaped S, 2-tip marker 
M0031441810 Straight, 1-tip marker
Effective Length (cm) Max Catheter Shaft OD F (mm) Min Catheter Shaft OD F (mm) Proximal / Distal ID in (mm) Recommended Guidewire OD in (mm) Minimum Guide Catheter ID in (mm)
150 2.6 (0.90mm) 2.0 (0.70mm) 0.019 (0.48) Stryker Neurovascular 0.014 (0.36) 0.046 (1.20)

DFU excerpt

See package insert for complete indications, complications, warnings, and instructions for use. (Uploaded on November 29, 2016.)

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