Superior access for accurate deployment

Introducing the most advanced 0.027in ID microcatheter* for delivery of interventional devices with easy access to treatment site, improved stent trackability, and superior stent deployment accuracy§.

Features and benefits

Image of Anatomically defined flexible zones

Anatomically defined flexible zones

Five progressive flexible zones, defined on anatomical studies, to improve trackability, support and deployment accuracy

Image of Variable pitch double stainless steel flat wire braid

Variable pitch double stainless steel flat wire braid

Designed to enhance stability of distal segment

Image of Polished distal tip

Polished distal tip

The Excelsior XT-27 Microcatheter polished distal tip was designed to reduce vessel trauma, enhance trackability over-the-wire and maintain integrity after re-crossing a stent

Image of Advanced pre-shaped tip

Advanced pre-shaped tip

A combination of modern design and unique components result in a pre-shaped distal tip designed to offer superior vessel selection and catheter trackability over the wire in tight curves and bifurcations

  • Most advanced 0.027 microcatheter in Neurovascular product line.
  • † As compared to Neuro Renegade Hi-Flo microcatheter for advance and pull back
  • § As compared to Neuro Renegade Hi-Flo and Marksman microcatheter
  • All claims are based on bench test results. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. Testing performed by Stryker's Neurovascular division. Data are on file at Stryker Neurovascular and will be made available upon request.

Product specifications

Material Number Device ID Length  Tip Shape Distal Segment Length  OD Prox./Dist.
M003XT2735810 Excelsior XT-27 0.027in 135cm Straight 6cm 2.9F / 2.7F
M003XT2735820 Excelsior XT-27 Flex 135cm Straight  18cm
M003XT2735910 Excelsior XT-27 Pre-Shaped 135cm Pre-Shaped 6cm
M003XT2735920 Excelsior XT-27 Pre-Shaped 135cm Pre-Shaped 18cm
M003XT2750810 Excelsior XT-27 150cm Straight  6cm
M003XT2750820 Excelsior XT-27 Flex 150cm Straight  18cm
M003XT2750910 Excelsior XT-27 Pre-Shaped 150cm Pre-Shaped 6cm
M003XT2750920 Excelsior XT-27 Pre-Shaped 150cm Pre-Shaped 18cm
Microcatheter Shaft Length Microcatheter OD Minimum Guidecatheter ID Maximum Microcatheter II OD
Excelsior XT-27 Microcatheter


Prox: 0.97mm/0.038in/2.9F
Dist: 0.91mm/0.036in/2.7F
1.8mm/0.70in 0.80mm/0.031in/2.4F
Excelsior XT-27 Flex Microcatheter
Excelsior XT-27 Microcatheter


Excelsior XT-27 Flex Microcatheter
  • Compatible minimum catheter ID is based on parallel technique. For other technique minimum catheter ID compatibility, please refer to the full directions for use.

DFU excerpt

See package insert for complete indications, complications, warnings, and instructions for use. (Uploaded on November 29, 2016.)

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