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Introducing Stryker’s next generation flow diverter system combining years of flow diversion research, extensive physician feedback and Stryker engineering prowess, to develop a highly optimized flow diverter.

Features and benefits

Image of Smooth delivery

Smooth delivery

Low push forces through Excelsior XT-27 Microcatheter Standard Straight even in tortuous anatomy.

Image of Reliable deployment

Reliable deployment

Engineered to maintain the radial pressure of Surpass Streamline Flow Diverter for reliable implant opening, distal to proximal.

Image of Optimized diversion

Optimized diversion

Despite having fewer wires, Surpass Evolve Flow Diverter maintains the high mesh density of Surpass Streamline Flow Diverter by optimizing the braid angle.

Surpass Evolve™ Flow Diverter procedural video

This video is intended to supplement the Surpass Evolve™ Flow Diverter Directions for Use. Please read the Directions for Use carefully before using the device.

Product specifications


  2.5 mm diameter 3.25 mm diameter 4.0 mm diameter 4.5 mm diameter 5.0 mm diameter
Unconstrained diameter 2.7 3.7 4.2 4.7 5.2
Recommended parent vessel diameter 2.0-2.5mm > 2.5-3.25mm > 3.25-4.0mm > 4.0-4.5mm > 4.5-5.0mm
# of wires 48 64
12 mm length FD25012 FD32512 FD40012 FD45012  
15 mm length FD25015 FD32515 FD40015 FD45015 FD50012
17 mm length   FD32517 FD40017 FD45017  
20 mm length FD25020 FD32520 FD40020 FD45020 FD50020
25 mm length   FD32525 FD40025 FD45025 FD50025
30 mm length     FD40030 FD45030 FD50030
40 mm length       FD45040 FD50040

Standard interventional devices, including:

  • Appropriately sized sheath or guide catheter
  • Appropriately sized intermediate catheter (recommended)
  • Stryker's Excelsior XT-27 Standard Straight (0.027 in ID) Microcatheter with a 135cm or 150cm length
  • Appropriately sized guidewire
  • Rotating hemostatic valves ≥ 4F (9F recommended)
  • Sterile heparinized saline solution

Compatibility with other microcatheters has not been established.

DFU excerpt

See package insert for complete indications, complications, warnings, and instructions for use. (Uploaded on 30/4/2019.)

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