Featuring Synchro Guidewire technology designed to enhance torque transmission through its microfabricated outer structure
▪ Designed for torque control
▪ Intended for stability and flexibility
▪ Offered in both shapeable and pre-shaped tips
▪ Presented with standard and soft tip options

Features and benefits

Image of Microfabricated nitinol distal hypotube

Microfabricated nitinol distal hypotube

Transmits torque efficiently from proximal end to distal tip. Engineered to provide standard and soft tip options.

Image of Round stainless-steel proximal core wire

Round stainless-steel proximal core wire

Offers pushability and stability where it counts.

Platinum-tungsten alloy coil tip

The platinum-tungsten alloy coil provides for fluoroscopic visualization for the distal length of 10cm in Synchro² Guidewires and 15cm in Synchro-14 Guidewires.

Flat-ribbon distal core wire

Enhances shape retention in Synchro² Guidewires.

Product specifications


Synchro²™ Guidewires

Description Total length
Access Length, Soft 200cm
Access Length, Soft, Pre-shaped 200cm
Access Length, Standard  200cm
Access Length, Standard, Pre-shaped 200cm
Exchange Length, Soft 300cm
Exchange Length, Soft, Pre-shaped 300cm
Exchange Length, Standard 300cm
Exchange Length, Standard, Pre-shaped 300cm

Distal segment: 35cm
Guidewire OD: 0.014in (0.36mm) distal; 0.014in (0.36mm) proximal

Original Synchro™-14 Guidewires

Description Total length Distal segment
Access Length 200cm 35cm
Access Length 200cm 45cm
Exchange Length  300cm 35cm
Exchange Length  300cm 45cm
Support Access  200cm 35cm

Guidewire OD: 0.014in (0.36mm) distal; 0.014in (0.36mm) proximal

Synchro-10 Guidewires 

Description Total length
Access Length 200cm
Exchange Length  300cm

Distal segment: 55cm
Guidewire OD: 0.010in (0.25mm) distal; 0.012in (0.30mm) proximal


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