The CAT 6 Distal Access Catheter is designed to enable access and revascularization with Trevo XP Retriever.

Features and benefits

Smooth trackability1

CAT 6 Distal Access Catheter navigates tortuous and previously inaccessible anatomy with ease due to the 14cm distal zone combined with the highly supportive proximal shaft.1

Image of Designed for resilience

Designed for resilience

The highly kink resistant shaft retains lumen patency even during aspiration in tortuous anatomy.

Image of Designed for stroke intervention

Designed for stroke intervention

The CAT™ 6 Distal Access Catheter provides an appropriate balance between accessibility, large lumen, and compatibility with the Trevo Stroke Solutions™.

Image of Stroke Fast Pack®

Stroke Fast Pack®

The CAT 6 Distal Access Catheter is available pre-packaged with the Trevo™ XP Retriever and compatible microcatheters for time savings and efficiency.

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  • Bench test results. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. Testing performed by Stryker. 
Data are on file at Stryker and will be made available upon request.

Product specifications

Device ID Distal OD Proximal OD Effective Length Distal flex segment Product number
AXS Catalyst™ 6 Distal Access Catheter 0.060in (1.52mm) 5.4F (1.81mm) 6.0F (2.01mm) 132cm 14cm IC060132A0

Optimized for Trevo XP delivery and retrieval

Fully compatible with FlowGate2 Balloon Guide Catheter and AXS Infinity Long Sheath

Additional resources

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DFU excerpt

See package insert for complete indications, complications, warnings, and instructions for use. (Uploaded on 21/5/2018.)

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