Beyond soft

Target Nano Detachable Coils are the softest coil technology available*. Combined with Target Coil’s consistently smooth deployment and exceptional microcatheter stability results in an experience that is Beyond Soft. Designed to treat small spaces, Target Nano Coil’s incredible softness delivers increased conformability and shape adjustment.

Features and benefits

Image of Softness


2x softer than Target Ultra Coils


Advanced microcatheter stability


Softest technology for small spaces*

  • Testing performed by Stryker Neurovascular. n=3. Bench test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. Data on file and available upon request.

Product specifications


Target 360 Nano Coils

Catalog Number Secondary Diameter (mm) Length in Introducer (cm)
M0035421020 1 2
M0035421030 3
M0035421520 1.5 2
M0035421530 3
M0035421540 4
M0035442030 2 3
M0035442040 4
M0035442540 2.5 4
M0035443040 3 4
M0035443060 6
M0035443560 3.5 6


Target Helical Nano Coils

Catalog Number Secondary Diameter (mm) Length in Introducer (cm) 
M0035431010 1 1
M0035431020 2
M0035431030 3
M0035431510 1.5 1
M0035431520 2
M0035431530 3
M0035431540 4
M0035452020 2 2
M0035452030 3
M0035452040 4
M0035452060 6
M0035452530 2.5 3
M0035452040 4
M0035452560 6
M0035453040 3 4
M0035453060 6
M0035453080 8

Delivering coil conformability and stability, softness and volume in a single product family; deliverable through Excelsior® SL-10® and Tracker® -17 Microcatheters. 

Additional resources

Looking for more information about this product? View or download the documents below for additional product resources.

Coil softness tool – (PDF)

Target Nano Detachable Coil Softness Tool

Ordering barcodes – (PDF)

Target Nano Detachable Coil Ordering Barcodes

Wall chart – (PDF)

Target Nano Detachable Coil Wall Chart

Sales slick – (PDF)

Target Nano Detachable Coil Sales Slick

DFU excerpt

See package insert for complete indications, complications, warnings, and instructions for use. (Uploaded on May 05, 2017.)

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